IT Forward

At no other point does H&D Corporation’s philosophy of “People greater than Process greater than Products” shine than our IT Forward Service.

Service Desk, Asset Management, License Management, Systems Monitoring, Knowledgebase, and other essential services are vital components of Information Technology but they are often a struggle to maintain. This is especially true for small to medium businesses.  This struggle is compounded because not only are the services important but the data they generate are vital to company operations and decisions.

H&D’s IT Forward exists to solve this dilemma.  We can provide any or all of the above services to our clients with flexible per user pricing. Unlike hardware and software focused cloud companies, H&D Corporation understands that these running services not only need to be performed cost effectively but also must be process driven to ensure accurate data measurement.

Our mission is to excel at these functions and approach them with our unique people and process focused philosophy. H&D Corporation provides fast, flexible, and scalable services.  For the enterprise level business, this allows a keener focus on core business and success. Essentially it is the best of both worlds: The cost effective pricing of outsourcing coupled with the high service quality and vital business data of in-house IT services.

For our small and medium-sized clients, IT Forward is a combination of Microsoft Cloud Solutions like Office 365 and Azure that can create a complete IT solution.  This allows the SMB market to have access to enterprise level IT infrastructure, including IT metrics.  Which means that small and medium sized business can take advantage of data that increases business performance just like enterprise level companies.

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