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At H&D, like many companies, we believe the most important resources are people. We also believe that people armed with the right processes can achieve greater results. This is not a new idea and it has been put into practice in many areas within a company. Just look at Accounting, Legal, Human Resources or any other unit in a business. For example, GAPP provides best practices and guidelines on how to perform the accounting function for a business. It is almost absurd to think about running a business without these principles. How could a company that doesn’t follow GAAP make appropriate decisions? We believe that Information Technology should be treated the same way using principles based on ITIL® V3, COBIT, Six Sigma, Prince2™ and other proven standards.

H&D’s role is to help businesses understand, develop, and improve IT processes. Lately, many business leaders ask me “How can I reduce my spending on IT?” My answer is to first take a look at your processes. In order to reduce cost, you must first increase efficiency. The best way to do that is understand what your processes are, compare them to best practices, and improve them. If you are more efficient, then you can clearly see the areas where you are spending needlessly. Otherwise, the result is blind cost-cutting that could lead to severely hampering (or even halting) your business operations. Budgetary savings are not the only positive result. Other desirable outcomes include improved decision making, elevated employee satisfaction, and an improved environment for innovation.

My roles as master sergeant, business owner, and CEO have helped me understand the pressures that are involved in managing people and running a business. For many, the greatest challenge is proper communication and interpreting information in order to make good decisions. If a decision maker can have reliable data at their disposal, then navigating the company becomes clearer. Of course, the steward of this data is the IT department. Managing this information requires systems, knowledge, planning, budgeting, etc… In short, it requires excellent processes. And our  commitment to our clients here at Hönigsberg & Düvel Corporation is to help them foster their own excellent processes. Our goal, our mission, is supporting our clients through the strategic application of Information Technology.


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CEO - Heiko Juerges
 Heiko Juerges
President & CEO